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School History

Karen Doughty School of Healing was officially formed in 2010 as a book. The primary focus was to give hope to adult survivors of child sexual abuse near and far with an underlying message of  “child sexual abuse is not a life sentence.”


In 2011 Empowered to Uproot was featured in Publisher’s Weekly. I also published an article in Christian Wire titled Adult Survivor Exonerated from Life Sentence. Following these events, East Baton Rouge Parish Library, the Louisiana State Library, and Hayner Library in Alton, IL added Empowered to Uproot to their catalog.


As rave reviews and praise poured in-it encouraged an ongoing responsibility for me to continue raising awareness and promoting healing of child sexual abuse. I lent an ear to many childhood sexual abuse stories told for the very first time. As it was, survivors were suffering in silence so I then, created The Lighthouse Radio Rescue Ministry which traveled the airwaves of WPFC 1550 AM radio station, to reach victims of sexual assault and adult survivors of sexual abuse, and to educate the community-at-large.


In 2012 I join experts at Penn State National Conference on child sexual abuse. I made guest appearances on radio, news stations, and TV programming. I became a keynote speaker at various venues, particularly, Sexual Assault Centers, an Advocacy Center, The Department of Veterans Affairs, schools and churches to name a few.  


In 2014 The Author Show awarded me with the "50 Writers you should be Reading", in the non-fiction category. Then, Karen Doughty Transformation became an LLC, followed by the publishing of my second book, Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse, a workbook for survivors who desire to work through overcoming. It is now considered my signature strategy system for overcoming sexual abuse.


In 2016 I became ordained and legally recognized as a ministry by the Don Bradford Bible College. I received an Associate of Divinity in Christian Education for evangelism.


In 2017 I began campaigning for my cause, Let’s Talk About It! Along the way, I have gain supporters to help break the ultimate taboo of child sexual abuse.


My membership belongs to LAFASA (Louisiana Foundation against Sexual Abuse) and RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) Speakers’ Bureau. I’m profiled on the Professional Woman Network and mentored by the late Dan Poynter’s, a self-publishing pioneer.  


Karen Doughty School of Healing will launch as a predominantly online school in January

2019, with a unique dedication to changing the dynamics of human suffering. The course curriculum is designed to replace coping mechanisms with strategies to overcome sexual abuse to improve quality of life for adult survivors, through the promotion of education and programs and the provision of tools and resources.


Karen Doughty School of Healing’s Mission

To unravel mentalities which are molded and shaped by sexual abuse by wielding the right tools. These and other resources are exclusive for empowering and transforming lives affected by child sexual abuse.


Karen Doughty, Ambassador for Change

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