What others are saying...

"Karen Doughty is clearly a gifted author. 

Each page is written as an eye witness, to the necessity of being, empowered to uproot the seed of Abuse. The information, referrals, experience, and Spiritual Light passed on through the pages of the book are Phenomenal!

[The book is]...A must Read”.

-Pastor Rhonda Evans/Lion of Judah International Ministries

New Orleans, LA

"Karen's testimony is powerful and trans-formative. She deals with a taboo subject with grace and truth"!

-Pastor Gerald Williams/Hope Christian Church

New Orleans, LA

"A testimony of God’s grace, God’s goodness and God’s power - Empowered to Uproot the Seed of Abuse provides the readers with a power packed testimony from the heart. It encourages those who experienced any form of abuse. Through God’s word and standing on his promises, this journal of healing, honesty with self, faith and true forgiveness is a must read for all".

-Pastor Angela Gooden/Center Peace Ministries

Baton Rouge, LA

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"Karen’s book is a riveting testimony of not only what she endured, but how she overcame. A must read for anyone who has ever suffered abuse".

-Tameka Johnson-Moore/Victory & Power Ministries

Baton Rouge, LA

"I found your book, Empowered to Uproot the Seed of Abuse: Power over Child Sexual Abuse, to be a valuable assessment of a very difficult problem.  I have no particular expertise in the area of child sexual abuse, and like most people, I find its prevalence abhorrent. Your book provides spiritual insight into the mindset of both the victims of abuse as well as its perpetrators, and it will hopefully lead, for some,  to a path of recovery.  I wish you the best"!


-Katherine F. Pearce, MD

Baton Rouge, LA

"Empowered to Uproot... is so encouraging, I couldn't get enough of it. I am so proud of you for coming forward and recognizing sexual abuse for what it is. It plaques so many of us, and we don't even realize how important it is to know how wrong it is. I am blessed and confident in all your words. Your book has opened my mind and heart up to a whole new level - which I didn't know that it could go".


New Orleans, LA

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Please be advised, KarenDoughty.com makes all efforts to assist with those affected by sexual abuse. In doing so, she does not profess to be a psychologist or therapist. If you are in search of these type of services click here.