Karen Doughty lent an ear to many childhood sexual abuse stories being told, in fact, for the very first time. These stories were provoked by Karen, who shares in her books, how she broke through communication barriers that silenced her to sexual abuse for decades – and the result of a paradigm shift has mobilized a "movement"... Transforming Lives Affected by Sexual Abuse. 




Karen's resilience and display of altruism are remarkable. It compliments her many hats: Author, Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Certified International Life Coach, Mentor and Licensed/Ordained Minister.


Above all else, Karen's mission is to lessen the one in four girls and one in six boys molested before their eighteen birthday, confirming that her first encounter with molestation was at the tender age of 4. This horrific event, along with other instances of abuse played like a broken record in Karen's head. Needless to say, it lent itself to a vicious cycle of entrapment, but, Karen broke free, and her recovery became the catalyst for "TRANSFORMING LIVES AFFECTED BY SEXUAL ABUSE" --whether in unconventional settings like the Greyhound bus station or in front of a podium at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Professional Bio

Karen Doughty – Influencer, Author, and Ambassador of Change, has been committed to serving people who experience post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from rape, incest, and sexual assault since 2004. Her client list ranges from the Department of Veteran Affairs, Evangeline Sexual Assault Center, and Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center. Though Karen obtained corporate success with her former employer by qualifying for the most difficult scheme using unique key codes in record-breaking time; she managed to pull off masking a life-long secret. Her itch for knowledge of that secret landed her with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice.


While on a journey of discovery, Karen found her purpose in volunteerism with sexual assault non-profits. Her conscientious efforts to empower others were fueled by the knowledge she obtained from learning that her experience is common with the one and four girls and one and six boys sexually abused before their eighteen birthdays. She too confirms that internalizing sexual abuse becomes rooted in the soul, felt in the emotions, and externalized in the behavior. These played a significant role in Karen’s failed attempt at suicide. Essentially, it was the breakthrough she needed. 


Karen also expresses the “joy she felt" from overcoming sexual abuse. It inspired her to write and publish her first book: the award-winning Empowered to Uproot the Seed of Abuse. In addition to the accolades and rave reviews Karen received, she was honored to have her book placed in the state of Louisiana (Louisiana State Library & East Baton Rouge Parish Library) and Illinois’s Library Systems. Her latest addition, Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse, is the companion to Empowered to Uproot.


In 2016 Karen received her license to minister under the teaching of Ralph N Moore, and an associate of Divinity in Christian Education from Charity Christian Center simultaneously. She gained influence in the Transformation industry, having founded Karen Doughty Transformation. As a speaker, Karen courageously speaks out about what society treats as "taboo," she defiantly launches into "How could he invade my privacy" and notwithstanding flips the script empowered herself and is whole again.


In 2017, Karen launched the “Let’s Talk About” Campaign to lift the taboo off of sexual abuse. Ultimately, Karen's driving force is teaching people how to  get back on their feet after falling victim to sexual abuse. Her hard work spilled into media; she made guest appearances on television and radio programming; her story resonates in articles, newspapers, and magazines; and her contact information is listed in Fox 8 New Orleans’ Rolodex.


Karen is a member of Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault (LAFASA), and Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) Speakers’ Bureau. She is a certified International Life Coach and President and Founder of Karen Doughty School of Healing.

Amid Karen’s successes, being a mother of one proves to be the most rewarding. However, she credits her faith for sustaining her during the worst times ever. For media requests, send an email to

My Story 


I remember vividly today as yesterday the encounters I had with child sexual abuse. Beginning at the tender age of 4, the evil befell me is synonymous with other instances of abuse I couldn’t fathom. Nevertheless, I endured. In an attempt to move forward, my loss of innocence couldn’t be denied. I began to suffer low self-esteem, while guilt and shame were already in progress. These and other child sexual abuse symptoms ensued well into my adulthood.


Despite my surviving childhood sexual abuse, in the aftermath, I experienced raging emotions, as well as psychological and behavioral effects. I felt hopeless, despondent, and rejected; any means of relief diminished as I began to evolve into a self-saboteur. When depression took its toll, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) arose, I was hospitalized. Be that as it may, my attempt at suicide couldn’t remedy these effects. By tapping into my inner strength, I released a power conducive to my overcoming the harsh reality of being sexually abused.



Today, I am thriving and am a witness to the liberty wherewith Christ sets us free. Because of the GRACE granted I became inspired and compelled to reach those whose experience parallels mine. To better serve, I coupled my personal experience with knowledge of sexual abuse. Driven, I joined experts at Penn State First Annual Child Sexual Abuse Conference and conferences alike. These building blocks enabled me to launch The Lighthouse Rescue Radio Ministry -- a beacon of light and source of inspiration for victims of sexual assault. As well, I’ve been featured in articles, magazines, and newspapers; and made guest appearances on television and radio programming deeming them platforms to reach the masses. I am a member of LAFASA & RAINN Speakers' Bureau (anti-sexual assault organizations).




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Please be advised, makes all efforts to assist with those affected by sexual abuse. In doing so, she does not profess to be a psychologist or therapist. If you are in search of these type of services click here.