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Karen Doughty Ministries, lifting spirits and giving hope to
people for healing of past sexual trauma through Jesus Christ.

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Ministry of Restoration

Psalm 23:3a He restoreth my soul.

Karen Doughty Ministries (KDM) was birthed out of a painstaking ordeal stemming from child sexual abuse. Since embracing freedom through Christ, Karen purposed in her heart to serve survivors of sexual abuse. She endeavors to ensure survivors the same healing power as she received, for she knows that God is no respecter of persons.

For best practice, KDM teaches Bible-based principles to those whose faith is dependent upon it. These principles are taught through seminars and workshops that were developed as a guide for restoring the souls of those affected by sexual abuse. Each lesson is consistent with Karen’s personal experience with sexual abuse, as detailed in her book, Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse, Incest, and Other Forms of Sexual Abuse. These lessons include strategies that she utilized in her own success in overcoming sexual abuse.

As you see, God causes us to triumph but, you must get in the race in order to win. 


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Karen Doughty received multiple certifications to confirm her training of the gospel. She was simultaneously culminated with an Associate of Divinity  in Christian Education and licensed as a minister. With that in mind, Karen answered the divine call of Evangelist through humility and is active in restoring God's people back to the original intent and purpose of their life.

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