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Leading ● Empowering ● Transforming

Karen Doughty School of Healing is dedicated to changing the dynamics of human suffering by improving quality of life and replacing coping mechanisms with overcoming through the promotion of education and programs and the provision of tools and resources to adult survivors of child sexual abuse. 


KDSH fundamental concern is bridging the gap between adults survivors with behavioral and psychological manifestations of child sexual abuse and practical steps to healing. For this cause, we hold survivors in high esteem in hopes that they take the paradigm shift. This shift is known for taking others from victim to victor, tragic to triumph, and as for me, misery to ministry..



KDSH mission is to unravel the mentalities of those who are molded and shaped by sexual abuse. It will take wielding with the right tools. These and other resources are exclusive for empowerment and transformation while on the road to recovery. 


KDSH is the essence of change—and therefore, embraces the responsibility to drive change. We uphold the belief that–to be successful in changing others, we must have first been—impacted by change—to infect those we come in contact with.



I.   To offer adult survivors of sexual abuse community and supply them with a program that helps them confront and come to terms with abuse.    

II.   To provide survivors with a framework to identify symptoms and adjust coping mechanisms toward long-standing effects.  

III.  To use strategy when moving survivors from the role of victim to victor, pain to purpose or whatever suits them.

IV.  To facilitate empowerment so that survivors can rise to the occasion and break down barriers of guilt, blame, and shame.

V.   To support survivors in grieving losses that have affected their self-esteem, power, trusting others, identity, and decisiveness to name a few, in the aftermath of abuse then, support them in the recovery efforts.

VI.   To detoxify survivors of any residue that abuse has left behind. 

VII.  To return survivors to the original intent and purpose of their life.

VIII. To provide an educational experience that holds survivors to the skills they have learned and if, or when, sexual abuse rear its ugly head, they can hone in on the lessons they have learned and maintain their healing.


Karen Doughty


  1. Introductory 

  2. 3-Step Formula 

  3. The Comprehensive Blueprint for Overcoming Sexual Abuse 


My Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse Program runs like a well-oiled machine. The methods used are indicative of my overcoming sexual abuse. This clearly suggests that it’s been tried and thus, proven true. So, I am offering you the opportunity to experience a well thought out plan, specifically designed to effect change in you. What to expect? You get to choose... 1) individual lessons from my Introductory Course Catalog, 2) stay on the surface in my 3-Step Formula Program or 3) go-deep in The All-Out Comprehensive Blueprint for Overcoming Sexual Abuse, which is my Signature Strategy System. Going deep entitles you a visit to your soulish realm. (This is where abuse is stored). But in any case, you get to snuff out the residue that abuse has left behind. This will grant you a return to the original intent and purpose of your life.
The Comprehensive Blueprint for Overcoming Sexual Abuse
Signature Strategy System

Course features


This course is strictly and confidentially an online digital learning experience. Lesson plans and materials are made available via pdf, audio, and video, with the intent of meeting mixed learning styles. The toolkit (see resources) is easily accessible and will be there for the long haul. Granted, it is at your disposal on an—as-needed basis—with the option to move through the modules at your own pace. 

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Courses

  • Empowerment
  • The Soul
  • Fear
  • PTSD
3-Step Freedom Formula
  • Acknowledgement
  • Forgiveness
  • Renewing the Mind
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