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Changing False Truths, So Survivors  Can

Karen Doughty Transformation

                    the essence of change—and therefore, embraces the responsibility to drive change. We uphold the belief that–to be effective in changing others, you must have experienced change yourself. 

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my name is


\ DOH-tee\ brave and persistent.

... Ambassador of Change. I am dedicated to overseeing the 'transformation' processfor people like me, who want to live, but not with the awful pain of child sexual abuse hanging over their heads.


Suffering at the hands of multiple perpetrators became the bane of my existence. But when the time was ripe, I carved out a path that led to healing. Although recovery came in stages–and on a long dark road, I managed to stay the course. 


As a result, my zest for life is undeniable. It makes good for creating new memories and reaching my destiny. 


To help you cross this bridge are tools that I've developed and implemented for my healing. These tools are present throughout the pages of this website and are well able to help you build the quality of life you deserve. 


Future Focus Live TV

Raising Awareness & Promoting Healing of Sexual Abuse

My mission is to unravel mentalities that are molded and shaped by sexual abuse. It will take wielding with the right tools. These and other resources are exclusive for empowering and transforming you.   

New Orleans, LA   1-800-722-6032
Monday - Friday | 9:00 am to 5.00 pm

Be Inspired & Take the Leap

Just as invigorated as I am about my mission is how YOU can too become brimming with confidence, getting the best out of YOUR recovery. Frankly, my dear, this journey of hope, health, and healing, will take YOU from coping mechanisms disguised in long-standing effects, to CREATING YOUR OWN DESTINY. 


Karen Advocates, Empowers & Transforms

Karen draws on her ability to overcome the harsh reality of child sexual abuse, and expert knowledge obtained from joining experts at Penn State 1st annual child sexual abuse conference and conferences alike, to SERVE you the fundamentals of overcoming sexual abuse.

Start Your Journey to Healing Today!

I know all too well... "Depression hurts". I also know... sexual abuse hurts. This is why I can help navigate your hurt. But you will have to do the work. I did! And because I did, I reclaimed my life. Now, I am rooting for you. 


Consider this a picture of HOPE!


To be more of a beacon, I have compiled e-courses, coaching packages, and books, all of which I learned while on my own journey to recovery that can be of value to you. It may very well be the thing you have been longing for.


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What others are saying about my services...

" You do a beautiful job spelling out the struggle, the deliverance, and hope for the future. Thanks so much." 

Timiko Ilion, LPC-S, NCCLicensed Professional Counselor/ MST Co-Coordinator G. V. Sonny Montgomery VAMC

I found your book to be a valuable assessment of a very difficult problem. It will hopefully lead, for some to a path of recovery. I wish you the best

Katherine F. Pearce, MD

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